Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

We're Approved!

Micro Brilliance on a Macro scale! 

Special thanks to Tim Hwang (founder Awesome Foundation) for granting Calgary a Chapter of Awesome Foundation.   We're on our way to helping kick start some awesome ideas in Calgary. 

Tim also created the "Alliance of Canadian Awesomeness" and connected all Canadian Chapters of Awesome Foundation for even more collective awesomeness.  If you find yourself on Awesome Calgary and wish to contact other chapters here's the info:  (I'll link websites soon)
  • Geoffrey MacDougall, 1st Dean of Awesome at AF-Toronto
  • Chad Lubelsky, Founding AF-Montreal 
  • Patrick Tanguay, Founding AF-Montreal 
  • Stephanie Corker-Irwin, Founding AF-Vancouver
  • Dave Rollins, Founding AF-Sudbury
  • Lori Stewart, Founding AF-Calgary 
  • Cate Huston, founding member of AF-Ottawa

We're getting there ...

Feb 4th, 2011
Preliminary approval from Awesome Foundation HQ!   More news coming following meeting on Feb 10th.   First organizing committee meeting will be held the week of Mar 4th.  Stay tuned!

Quick Update

Feb 2nd, 2011
We have a number of people onboard already and a commitment from Calgary Arts Development for meeting space and other help (Thanks Terry Rock - you rock!).   This is resonating so well with Calgarians - get involved early and help shape the future awesomeness of this city. 

Awesome Calgary - the inkling of the idea

Jan 31, 2011
I submitted the application to start Calgary Chapter and secured site domain and set up the twitter account.   Help me get the ball rolling - we need 10 people committed to giving a little but thinking BIG ... and being truly awesome!

Twitter:  @awesome_calgary
Awesome home: (for background and information on the foundation and it's principles)