Saturday, February 12, 2011

We're Approved!

Micro Brilliance on a Macro scale! 

Special thanks to Tim Hwang (founder Awesome Foundation) for granting Calgary a Chapter of Awesome Foundation.   We're on our way to helping kick start some awesome ideas in Calgary. 

Tim also created the "Alliance of Canadian Awesomeness" and connected all Canadian Chapters of Awesome Foundation for even more collective awesomeness.  If you find yourself on Awesome Calgary and wish to contact other chapters here's the info:  (I'll link websites soon)
  • Geoffrey MacDougall, 1st Dean of Awesome at AF-Toronto
  • Chad Lubelsky, Founding AF-Montreal 
  • Patrick Tanguay, Founding AF-Montreal 
  • Stephanie Corker-Irwin, Founding AF-Vancouver
  • Dave Rollins, Founding AF-Sudbury
  • Lori Stewart, Founding AF-Calgary 
  • Cate Huston, founding member of AF-Ottawa

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