Saturday, July 23, 2011

July Top4 Finalists announced

It was another very tough selection night to narrow our 14 awesome submissions this month down to only 4 finalists to pitch to us on July 28th.  Team awesome met at the fabulous Calgary Folk Music Festival (on Thursday and thankfully not Friday!) to make our top4 selections to the fabulous backdrop of the main stage and amazing music.  

Here they are (in no particular order): 
  • LED Dominos - a digital urban community art project to show the world that Calgary is both modern and cool, with the world's first LED Domino urban art. (Shannon Hoover)
  • International Computer Literacy - program to have International Grad students teach computer skills to immigrants -  to help the grad students hone their teaching skills and to help immigrants gain computer skills to more quickly become productive members of the Calgary economy (Leanne Wu)
  • Team Zeus - a competition for post secondary students to build, and then race electric/efficient motorcycles - then take the learnings to high school classrooms to engage kids in further education and the idea of creating for the future (Jules LaPrairie)
  • Illuminated Landscapes - invite Calgarians to light up overlooked city spaces with LED lights to add new vibrancy by changing these spaces into welcoming and magical environments at night.  (Claudia Bustos and Vlad Amiot)
Join us on Thousand Dollar Thursday to watch these 4 teams vie for the $1000 cash on July 28th at 6pm at the Calgary Drop In Centre (423 4 Ave SE - 6th floor presentation area).  Special guests The Heebee Jeebees will perform with the Top4 teams to really set the stage for an awesome showcase of the amazing talent and people of CalgaryDon't miss it!