Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lighting up Awesome!

Wow!  An awesome group of people dropped in to the Drop In Centre tonight and we were enlightened by an amazing array of very interesting ideas and the incredible vocal talents of the fabulous Heebee Jeebees! 

The pitches ranged from projects to assist International grad students to hone their teaching skills while at the same helping new immigrants learn computer skills - to an amazing Uof C student who wants to create an electric vehicle challenge- to 2 very different LED lighting projects.

In the end, and after some amazing a Capella, Awesome Calgary awarded the $1000 cash grant to the pitch perfect team of Claudia and Vlad for Illuminating Calgary Landscapes.  Watch for this fun project starting on Aug 12th to light up some dark areas of the city to make them inviting and accessible.  The location is a secret for now but we'll shed some light on it soon.  :) 

Congratulations to Claudia Bustos and Vlad Amiot - totally awesome! 

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