Sunday, August 21, 2011

August is an Awesome month!

By the time August rolls around, it seems that everyone is in high gear to squeeze as much out of our short summer as possible before it rapidly rolls into September.   Thus, we assumed Awesome submissions and interest would wane a little this month ... boy, were we wrong! 

15 incredible submissions this month made it another very tough month to narrow it down to just 4 awesome ideas.  Do you have any idea how tough it is to be surrounded by so much creativity, innovation, hope for the future and just all-around awesomeness and then be limited to selecting just 4 of those ideas to come and pitch to us??  It keeps me up at night wondering how we can find ways to reward more of these incredible people of Calgary and their inspiring ideas. 

  • Top4 Finalists:
    • Music Everywhere! (Tony Grimes) 
      Bringing music to where music is needed most - community gardens that are growing our food.

    • Word Powered Art (Jo Steffens) 
      Text-based art to be displayed on digital billboards.

    • HSCA Harvest Market (Joe Vipond)
      A celebration of Urban Agriculture... the first of an annual competition celebrating what can be grown within the city limits of Calgary.

    • Free Classic Movie - aka Guerrilla Drive-in (Matt Hamel) 
      Join like-minded Calgarians outside the Simmons Mattress Factory part of the new Riverwalk to watch Casablanca under the stars for free.
  • Honourable Mentions:
    • Worldviews Film Project - Kate MacKenzie 
      create curriculum kit using videography to enable students to explore different worldviews of Calgarians highlighting leaders who are making their communities more awesome!

    • SEGS (Sustainable Enclosed Garden Structures) - Alan Marston
      Create affordable, maintenance-free garden systems that simply requires a small amount
      of water each day until harvest. 
    • artWALKwithART - Art Proctor
      A monthly free thrill ride of cultural discovery in Calgary - First Thursday Culture Crawl

    • Winston Heights – Mountview Playground Party - Alex Reed 
      A kid-centric, family-oriented, neighbour-meeting inner-city community party celebrating the opening of this innovative, world class playground

    • The House Project -Caitlind Brown & co
      Featuring 8 artists with a love for community,
      collaboration and a knack for ripping things apart.
    • Superheroes For Kids - Gord Cohen
      Lifesize cardboard cutouts of your favorite superheroes to take to sick kids hospitals to empower kids to be their own superhero and help them get better
Now you see why this was so difficult??  Incredibly awesome ideas!

Looking forward to seeing you in Inglewood, DaDe ART & DESIGN LAB   |   1327 9 AVE SE to join in the fun with the Top4 finalists pitching for the $1000 CASH!   It's going to be another #awesome event!


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