Monday, August 22, 2011

August Pitch n'Party - Thousand Dollar Thursday

Come and see the Top4 finalists pitch for the $1000 C A S H. (yes, cash!  remember what that is?!) - Thursday, Aug 25th 6pm at DaDe Art & Design Lab in Inglewood - the COOLEST gallery space I've seen in Calgary! 

Sign up on our Facebook event or just show up ... the more, the awesomer! 

Click for more info about the event and DaDe awesome gallery.

  • Top4 Finalists:
    • Music Everywhere! (Tony Grimes) 
      Bringing music to where music is needed most - community gardens that are growing our food.

    • Word Powered Art (Jo Steffens) 
      Text-based art to be displayed on digital billboards.

    • HSCA Harvest Market (Joe Vipond)
      A celebration of Urban Agriculture... the first of an annual competition celebrating what can be grown within the city limits of Calgary.

    • Free Classic Movie - aka Guerrilla Drive-in (Matt Hamel) 
      Join like-minded Calgarians outside the Simmons Mattress Factory part of the new Riverwalk to watch Casablanca under the stars for free. 

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