Monday, October 24, 2011

October's Thousand Dollar Thursday Awards Night Details

If you haven't heard by now, this month's Thousand Dollar Thursday will be taking place at the Kasian Gallery in the Professional Faculties building (room 2145) at the University of Calgary. Doors open at 6 p.m. See the map above for more details on the exact location.

If you're a transit user, the University is easily accessible by C-Train or bus.

If you're planning on driving down, there are a couple of lots that you can park at. Lot 28 is the closest to the Professional Faculties building and is $3.50 an hour. Lot 32 is still close and is $5 flat rate. Off campus, Capitol Hill Crescent has sections of non-permit free parking and is alongside the LRT station.

So lots of transportation options if you're thinking of making the trek down.

Now that said, there is a small change in program to the night.

You see, when we evaluate the monthly submissions, we do our best to strip away any identifiable information that was submitted along with it so that we can judge the idea based on the merit of the idea itself. It's always tough to narrow down the choices to a Top4, and some months (like this one and the last few) are especially close, but we usually end up with a final four at the end of the night's deliberations somehow, even though some Trustee blood may have been spilled in the process.

The cool thing about how the entire Awesome Foundation is set up is that you can apply for a grant at any of the chapters around the world. Most chapters have a preference to fund projects in their own communities, but as we like to say around here: "Nothing is off the table." In fact, the Awesome Foundation - Food Chapter takes entries from around the world, and its Trustees reside all around the world as well.

Sometimes we here at AF-Calgary get submissions from outside of Calgary, and on our form, we do our best to notify people not to apply unless they can be at the Awards Night. But sometimes, life happens and they can't make it.

One such thing happened this month. Nick Oswald, who pitched us his Bee-utiful City idea which wanted to set up bee hives in the city to help pollinate flowers planted in urban gardens, made AF-Calgary's Top4 for October, but as Nick resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he couldn't make it down in time to pitch his idea this Thursday.

So in his place, our Honourable Mention for this month, The Accelerator Calgary, which hopes to become an incubator and accelerator space for early stage technology start-ups in the city, will be pitching in his place.

Therefore, the night will look like this:
  • The Accelerator Calgary by Victoria Maclean: "To create a startup accelerator in Inglewood."
  • L.E.G.A.C.Y. by Shana Ng: "Lift, Empower, Guide, and Advocate for Calgary Youth – passing on the skills and knowledge to generations of high risk youth so they can make healthier and safer choices."
  • SoJo by Trevor Gair: "SoJo will be the foremost online destination to inspire and empower youth to dream big and engage in social entrepreneurship."
  • B.J. Gym Show - Honoring 40 Years of Calgary's Community and Artists by Angie Annis: "To bring together Calgary finest artists to honour 40 years of arts and community in Calgary."
Congratulations to Nick for making our Top4 this month, and best of luck in getting your idea implemented in other cities! And congratulations to Victoria; we definitely look forward to learning more about your exciting idea to help foster the tech industry in this city and in this province!

In the meantime, we'll try our best to do better to communicate that we prefer people to submit an idea only if they can make it to our pitch nights, and we hope that you can join us at the University of Calgary this Thursday to learn more about four very awesome ideas that hope to make Calgary a better place.

And just a reminder, we're currently taking submissions for our November 2011 prize. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, November 10. To apply, fill out this handy-dandy web form!

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