Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reel World Videos making a real difference!

Here's a quick update from Chris Hsuing & Kate McKenzie  - September 2011 Awesome Winners

"It's very, very exciting to see the girls in the class start to work with their story idea. The audio equipment we spent the money on has made a big difference." ~Chris Hsuing
Follow their exciting journey with the kids as they capture amazing stories from their lives and life around them!  Read (and see!) their blog here: Reel World Youth

Week 2: - Winning the Awesome $1000 grant

Exciting news! Kate and I have managed to secure funding from a couple sources to purchase small video kits for our student teams. 

First we got one thousand dollars in cold hard no-strings attached cash from Awesome Calgary. And I have to say we rocked that pitch. Take a look at our 90 second pitch and answers to the Q and A.
Next we have received word that the Calgary Foundation Stepping Stone grant is also helping us out with another six hundred dollars.

With this money we’ll be able to build video kits that the twenty student teams will be able to use to shoot their story. It means a lot to us because this means we can take Reel World Youth to other schools or groups of youth that may not have the resources to afford their own equipment.

I’m very excited by the prospect of what hordes of kids with video cameras and a desire to seek out inspirational or important stories will find. It seems that others have found the project interesting as well. I’ve had a few people approach me with other ideas such as taking it into the homeschooling network or even into organizations who work with kids.

Lots of great opportunities but the first things first. Let’s get some film projects off the ground!

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