Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wow! How did it get to be 2012 so soon??

My apologies - I have no idea where the past 6 weeks have gone.  I wish it was due to something exotic - like I was on an around the world trip as a roadie for The Planet Tour ... or that I'd run off and joined the Gumsphere300 - but alas, my life is not quite that awesome, I was just plain busy. 

To catch you all up ... 

The Holipalooza was incredible!  100s of amazing Calgarians, scads of really cool (I mean REALLY cool) silent auction items - that raised $1000s for local charities at Christmas and fantabulous food from 4 YYC food joints (can I tell you that the bacon fudgesicle from Charcut was a little teeny bit of frozen heaven on a stick!)

Awesome Calgary donated one of our uber rare (and supremely coveted) t-shirts and a guest trustee spot for our 1 year Anniversary pitchapolooza (I just made that up. Do you like it? :)  ... and the lucky winner (and donor of many dinaros to charity) is Jennifer Pollock (@jcpollock).  Many thanks Jen, we look forward to you joining us on April 26th to join in the awesomeness that is Calgary.  :)

We took December off from awarding our monthly $1000 cash prize and I really missed it.  I'm so glad January is here and with it a whole slew of new awesome ideas! 

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