Friday, May 18, 2012

Announcing May 2012's Top4 Finalists & Honourable Mentions!

We start off Year Two of Awesome Foundation - Calgary the same way we started Year One:  With our super-awesome Thousand Dollar Thursday!

Without further ado, Awesome Calgary's May 2012 Top4 Finalists and Honourable Mentions are, in no particular order:

Top4 Finalists

  1. Circus Flash Mob Calgary by Carisa Hendrix:  "Organize a Flash Mob in Calgary to promote the local circus arts community and Calgary in general."
  2. Tool Library by Courtney Hare:  "A tool lending co-op where people can borrow, for free, tools for home projects, maintenance and repairs."
  3. Puppet Gratitude Journal by Michelle Warkentin:  "Puppets teach virtues."
  4. Project Grandma by Ava Jane Markus:  "A renegade team of theatre artists write a play with the residents of Bow View Manor Nursing Home."

Honourable Mentions

  • Sharing Souls by Daniel Leon Rodriquez:  "Putting boards in the C-Train stations to allow people to share their dreams."
  • Reflections Video Biographies by Derek and Marguerite Demierre:  Making legacy videos of the dying in hospices."
  • 10,000 Litre Rain Barrel by Robert Smith:  "10,000 litre rain barrel for organic community garden."
  • Online Skill-Swapping Platform by Julie Rubin:  "A website where start-up and experienced entrepreneurs can help one another and seek help from others through a non-direct bartering system."
  • Calgary Artists Way Banners by the Douglasdale Glen Community Association:  "School aged children's art displayed on banners in their local community."

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This month's Thousand Dollar Thursday will take place on Thursday, May 24 at Commonwealth Bar & Stage (731 10 Ave SW).  Come see the Top4 Finalists present their ideas! Doors open at 6 p.m.
In the meantime, we're currently accepting submissions for our June 2012 prize. To submit an idea to AF-Calgary for consideration, fill out this handy-dandy web form. The deadline for June 2012 submissions is Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 11:59 p.m.

Hope to see you out at Commonwealth on Thursday!

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