Friday, July 27, 2012

in Awe of so many!

The people in this city never cease to amaze me ... and inspire me.  I am humbled by the people who both choose to help support Awesomeness in Calgary (the amazing Awesome Trustees) and those who bring forth their ideas to help make this place the best city on earth (the Awesome idea submitters).  Together we're all going to achieve higher awesomeness!

Our most awesome trustee, Reg Tiangha just returned from the first ever Awesome Foundation Summit in Boston and he chose to emcee for us and share some of the insights and ideas that came out of this rapidly growing, global movement of micro-funding. 

The 3rd anniversary of the global Awesome movement is happening. right. now.  And in honour of the 3rd anniversary of The Awesome Foundation as well as the first-ever chapter, Awesome Foundation - Boston, we decided that living in the heart of dinosaur country that we'd better pay tribute to them tonight!   And they were in abundance ... but thankfully they took care not to damage the amazing host venue of DaDe Art & Design Gallery

disclaimer:  no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this event. And all dinosaurs have now made their home in the hearts of a child (courtesy of new AF Calgary Trustee Jonathan Glover) 

Now on to the Awesomeness ... 

Every month we say it was such a tough choice, and we wish we had 4 $1000 prizes to give out.  This month was certainly no exception to that and it really breaks my heart that we have so many great ideas being shared at these events and not enough money to reward them all.  

Our Top4 finalists this month were a wide and varied group of people and ideas.

First up:  Urban Stationary by Kai Sinclair & Alastair Pollock of C4:  "Local semi-permanent art installations in Calgary Transit stations."
They wished to use the $1,000 to pay for the art supplies and materials required to create and install the art work at various LRT stations around town, as well as on marketing and promotional materials to advertise the initiative.  Currently, many of the up-front costs come from out-of-pocket.

Followed by: Culinary Treasure Hunt by Anneke Scholten:  "Find Calgary's hidden culinary treasures during this one day event!"

Anneke wishes to use the $1,000 to help with marketing and promotional work.

Next up: People's Poetry Festival by Shannon McClennan:  "A free, 3-day street festival in Kensington, August 17-19, 2012."

Shannon wishes to use the $1,000 to supplement the meager budget that the People's Poetry Festival draws from, as many shortfalls are covered out-of-pocket by their various volunteers.  The money could be used to provide artist and poet honorariums and possibly help fund their second collection of Calgary street poetry.

And the Avengers were next ... with Call for Help! by Derek Wilken:  "A comic book for young adults to promote the ConnecTeen line at the Distress Centre."

Derek wishes to use the $1,000 to provide Mac & Cheese to the various ACAD volunteer artists to fuel creativity and to help cover various production costs.

Dinosaurs, Avengers, Comic books, Poetry, Artmobs in transit stations, Amazing Race for food .... how much more awesome can an evening get?? ... and how on earth can we decide?? 

And the winner is ... 

Kai & Alistair of C4 - Stationary Art - "Art for public transit stations"! 

Stationary Art!!   Congratulations for amazing vision and drive to get things done.  You are truly inspiring. 

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