Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back on Schedule: This month's Top4 Finalists and Honourable Mentions!

Flood Madness threw us off our usual schedule for a few weeks, but we're back just in time to celebrate the fourth anniversary of The Awesome Foundation, complete with our very first dinosaur-themed submission to crack Top4!

So without further ado, here are our Top4 Finalists and Honourable Mentions for this month, in no particular order:

Top4 Finalists

  1. Pterodactyl HD by Jason Bedard:  "The idea is to make a model pterodactyl with embedded HD video camera fly continuously back and forth overhead of a busy public event, wirelessly broadcasting all that it sees with its fearsome dino-birdie eyes."
  2. Zine Machine by Jeffery Wood:  "Zine Machine is a vending machine that dispenses 'zines' (small magazines)."
  3. Song of Life by Daniel Okpala:  "Music for a cause. Write a song that would be used to raise awareness and money for a cause or issue affecting Calgarians."
  4. Bikes for Needy Kids by Richard Link:  "I have the opportunity to supply quality mountain bikes to needy kids during 2013 Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day."

Honourable Mentions

  • Starting the Telegraph by Daniel Leon Rodriguez:  "Funding help starting The Calgarian Telegraph, a new publication that will work as an open publication for all members of the community where anyone can contribute."
  • The Party Bike by Bob (Nowak) Michalewich:  "A mobile audio/visual experience, putting smiles on faces at events and group rides."
  • Meaningful Meals by Anneke Scholten:  "Create awareness about the importance of eating together by organizing events such as the Week of Eating Together."
  • Silk Road of Peace by Jorg Ostrowski:  "Using Calgary experience of the last 36 years, we plan to ecological retrofit a few caravanserai along the old Silk Road to resurrect and regenerate, revitalize and repopulate this model of peaceful coexistence and international exchange."

This month's Awesome Calgary Pitch Night takes place on the special date of Tuesday, July 23. So for all of those out there who were concerned about scheduling conflicts with Calgary Folk Fest in the past, we've accommodated! It'll take place at our usual haunt: The Endeavor Arts & Events Space.
Hope you can make it out!

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