Monday, November 18, 2013

Submission 01: Dinosaur Dance Party


Dinosaur Dance Party by Brendan McGuigan


A youth-friendly, all-ages outdoor dance party featuring young electronica artists…and dinosaurs.

The Project:

The intention of Dinosaur Dance Party (DDP) is to provide an opportunity for young electronic dance music (EDM) artists to showcase their work in a safe, friendly, drug/alcohol-free environment.

An alternative to the 'club scene' that EDM is typically restricted to, DDP will take place in Tomkins Park and will be free & open to the public.

Artists/attendees will be encouraged to dress as dinosaurs - because it's a lot easier for people to dance when everyone already looks silly.

Youth EDM artists will be invited to submit original songs to local dinosaur-musician Synthosaurus, who produce/perform a DJ set featuring winning entries to be selected by a panel of Calgary musicians.

How the $1,000 will be spent:

  • Rental of Tomkins Park space: $47.24 park rental fee + $26.25 special event admin fee = $73.49
  • Rental of PA and lighting equipment: approx. $200
  • Honorariums for selection panel: 5 x $50 - $250
  • "Song of the Year" + runners-up awards (small trophies/medals): 3 x $15 = $45
  • Approximate cost: $568.49

Ready to vote?

Again, to sum up:

  1. We’ll post this round’s submission pool here at on the morning of Monday, November 18 for your perusal.
  2. You’ll read through all of the submissions and pick (and most importantly, rank) your Top4 favourites, or in other words, the four submissions you’d like to see be invited to pitch at our final Pitch Night of 2013.
  3. You’ll submit your ranked Top4 picks to us no later than midnight on Saturday, November 30 through an online ballot form to be released alongside the idea submissions on Nov 18.
  4. We’ll tally up the results and announce the final set of Top4 Finalists for 2013 here on the blog along with our Pitch Night date and venue on the morning of Monday, December 2.

For more information on how this will all work (including FAQs), check out our blog announcement.

All eligible submissions can be found here. Make sure to read through them all!

The deadline for voting is midnight on Saturday, November 30 and the online ballot form can be found here.

Which four ideas would you like to see pitch for a $1,000 no-strings-attached micro-grant? Now’s your chance to make your voice heard!

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