Monday, November 18, 2013

Submission 02: YYCShows


YYCShows by Cheryl Johnson


Comprehensive Calgary concert listings at Links to bands & ticket sales, a show calendar, and information on music venues, blogs and promoters.

The Project:

YYCShows is awesome because it makes it easy for Calgary music fans to find out about and attend concerts. The aim of the site is straightforward: to provide a one-stop-shop of Calgary concert listings. For each show, we identify the bands, ticket prices and where they’re available, music genre, all ages/18+ and doors/set times if available.

How the $1,000 will be spent:

With $1,000 we could make YYCShows a more accessible, faster and user-friendly concert information source. The money would contribute to improving the usability of the site by filtering by each characteristic of the concerts. We would hire a programmer to allow each show to be “tagged” by band, venue, genre, and whether it is all ages or 18+. Then, visitors would be able to search by each characteristic to find specific types of shows they are interested in, without losing the value of an overall comprehensive list of upcoming concerts.


I love attending concerts, and believe it’s a great way to be involved in your community – especially seeing local acts. When I returned to Calgary last year, I found that while there are impressive music resources, the information is widely spread. I started keeping track of upcoming shows and sending my friends bimonthly mass texts on concerts. Eventually I realized that the real value was in the sources for finding out about shows and the listings that I was tracking – if I had all this information in a document, I might as well share it with other Calgary music fans.

Ready to vote?

Again, to sum up:
  1. We’ll post this round’s submission pool here at on the morning of Monday, November 18 for your perusal.
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  3. You’ll submit your ranked Top4 picks to us no later than midnight on Saturday, November 30 through an online ballot form to be released alongside the idea submissions on Nov 18.
  4. We’ll tally up the results and announce the final set of Top4 Finalists for 2013 here on the blog along with our Pitch Night date and venue on the morning of Monday, December 2.
For more information on how this will all work (including FAQs), check out our blog announcement.

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The deadline for voting is midnight on Saturday, November 30 and the online ballot form can be found here.

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  1. i am very excited about it. just yesterday i got to know about it and i found it very interesting and fun to attend. keep us updated with any more information about them