How it Works

Awesome is easy and Awesome is simple. Show us your simple, supreme brilliance and we'll reward you with a $1000 to make it happen!


1.  Think of something Awesome that you want to do.

Whatever "awesome" means to you. Be sure it can be achieved – or at least started – with $1,000. See what others have done around the world.  Ideally, it should be something that benefits the city, your community, helps start a business or is just a super cool idea.  

2.  Create your elevator pitch and an optional 60 sec video about your idea.

Tell us ... (and show us) what your idea is and why it's awesome enough to deserve us giving you $1000 to make it happen.  

3.  Submit it to us on our easy application form. (you can add links to your video and website there, too) 


4.  We’ll invite you to a Pitch Party on the 4th Thursday of the month (Thousand Dollar Thursday!)

If your idea makes the Top4 finalists we’ll invite you to meet the Awesome Team and make a 90 second pitch to us and answer a few questions - think Dragons Den but without the cool music, TV cameras and the risk of humiliation from Kevin O'Leary!  It's yours to win at this point.  Simply WOW us.  

5.  Picking the Winner - Thousand Dollar Thursday

The Pitch Party will immediately dissolve into the Awards Party and we'll give the winner the $1000 cash on the spot! We take you at your word that you’re going to what you said you would with the cash but there are no strings attached.  The only thing we ask of you is that you keep us in the loop and help us create a video of your finished Awesome project for our archives.  And remember - if you don’t win the first time, try again!  We select a new winner each month.  

6.  The Icky Legal Stuff 

The beauty is that there is no icky legal stuff!  How awesome is that?   Any submissions you make to us become available to us to feature on The Awesome Foundation websites and for news purposes but all Intellectual Property and Rights to your ideas remain with you.  We're just giving you some money to kick start your idea.  Yah. Really!  See why we're called The Awesome Foundation?  :)

That’s it. Spread the awesome - the more awesome ideas we get submitted, the greater the likelihood of starting new chapters.   

Get on that awesome idea today!