The Team

Who are the Awesome Trustees?

Well, they're a group of awesome people who donate $100 out of their own pockets each and every month to stuff a really cool loot bag with cash to award a $1,000 no-strings-attached gift to an Awesome Calgarian to help make his or her project or idea a reality.

Awesome trusteeships are for a minimum of six months (there is no upper limit on awesomeness though!) and all that's required is:
  1. Bring $100 (in unmarked bills or gold doubloons) to add to the gift each month.
  2. Attend a Trustee meeting on the third Thursday of each month to help pick the monthly shortlists.
  3. Help select a winner at our public $1,000 Thursday events on the fourth Thursday of each month.
We also have a limited number of Guest Trustee slots available each month, for those who want to dip their toes.  Guest Trustees only have to make one contribution and get full voting rights and other things that full-time Trustees receive for the one month they choose to contribute to.

Finally, we have plenty of Volunteer opportunities available as well, for those who wish to contribute time instead of dollars.  Volunteers help us to keep things running, whether it's our various public events, or behind the scenes with our day-to-day operations.  If you have a passion and feel that you have something to contribute to help forward the interest of Awesomeness in the universe, let us know!

So if you're interested in signing up as a Trustee or as one of our volunteer Ninjas of Awesome, or if you just want to learn more about what opportunities are available to contribute, fill out our Super-Simple application form, and one of our current Ninjas of Awesome will get back to you.

And now, without further ado:  Team Awesome Calgary!

Current AF-Calgary Trustees of Awesome

Note: * denotes an AF-Calgary Founding Trustee
  • Elizabeth Buchanan & Vanessa Mactavish (shared):  The Ambitious Housewives; Mamas, Entrepreneuses, Cooks, Socialites, Do-gooders, Travellers, Optimists. Dedicated to making Calgary and the world more awesome.
  • * Janet Clarke Bell:  Religious Studies Student forever.
  • Kevin Hayes:  Loves pizza by the slice, Porsches and being an uncle.  Digital Communications consultant by day…and by most nights.
  • * Lori Stewart (Founder and Dean Emeritus):  Software business gee, Silicon Valley survivor, startup junkie, civic-minded, purveyor of awesomeness…and procrastinating author.
  • Mathew Hamel:  Joined the Awesome family with his winning pitch for @YYCMobileMovies in September 2011. Since then, he has continually supported Awesome Calgary Thousand Dollar Thursdays, becoming a Trustee last August 2012. He wants to continually help influence the dialogue that helps make Calgary cool and more awesome as the city matures into a social leader.
  • * Reg Tiangha (Current Dean of Awesome):  A born-and-raised Calgarian, tech-geek, and a self-professed volunteeraholic.  Interested in building community and helping others make Calgary as awesome as it possibly can be.
  • Stephen Latta:  A former Edmontonian now making Calgary his home. Board game fanatic and can host a mean game of Werewolves.
  • Zoë Klintberg:  Producer, artistic director, editor, actor, classic film curator, model and avid volunteer. Co-founder and artistic director of Rocket House Productions Inc. and producer of the “Well, Basil My Rathbone!” film and performance series at Endeavor Arts. Works part time in the art world, especially MOCA, and is often found volunteering at both art and film events around town. 

Trustee Emeritus

People who have served out their terms as full-time Trustees of AF-Calgary since our inception.

Note* denotes an AF-Calgary Founding Trustee
  • * Alan Montgomery
  • * Alex Razcenko
  • * Blair Gallant
  • * Brian Singh
  • Chris Huestis
  • * Chris Salmon
  • Colin Jackson
  • Emma Grace May
  • Jackie McAtee
  • * Jeff Wielki
  • * John Smiley
  • Jonathan Glover
  • Ken Sedgewick
  • * Kyle Shewfelt
  • Sue McMaster
  • * Susan Poole
  • Tracy Cukulin
  • * Wayne Stewart

Our Awesome Volunteers!

We couldn't pull off our Awesome Calgary $1,000 Thursday events each month without the help of our group of volunteer Ninjas of Awesome.

Here are some of the people who volunteer their time each month to help run our events or help out with the day-to-day operations of running the Foundation:

Awesome Success Liaison Team

  • Eleni Tsaprailis
  • Kelsey Kashluba
  • Ken Sedgewick
  • Tristan Bauer

$1,000 Thursday Production

  • Alex S. Kelly
  • Phil Stiles

Social Media Team

  • Danelle Wettstein
  • Matt Braithwaite
  • Sarah Pynoo
  • Tara Prudhomme
  • Crystal Ellis
  • Saudah Chan

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to be a part of Awesome Calgary, either with dollars or with time. We can't do it with out you!